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Build modern music notation apps for web, desktop and mobile


Responsive Display

Depending on the available screen resolution alphaTab can resize dynamically to make the music sheet fit the available space.


Designed for Cross Platform usage

The core of alphaTab is designed to run with minimal external dependencies and on multiple platforms. From one central code base we provide alphaTab for web based apps, apps using .net and Kotlin for Android.


Audio Playback

The built-in audio synthesizer allows users to hear what they are seeing. Using SoundFont2 containers as input, alphaTab can generate the matching audio to the displayed music notation and provide a live display cursor including interactive selection of playback position and ranges.

Powerful API

Use the alphaTab APIs to build your customized look&feel on top of the main rendering component. Access the full data model of the music sheet to derive UI components tailored for your needs.